In May 4, 2011, the DTI launched a unified framework towards an integrated industry and trade strategy.

This approach  rests on three pillars: Institutionalizing stakeholder engagement in trade policy making – One Country, One Voice; Strengthening the trade policy research network and capacity building –One Country, One Network; and Enhancing inter-agency coordination and cooperation - One Country, One Team.  These pillars are supported by advocacy and communications initiatives and projects such as the DBFTA or Doing Business in Free Trade Areas.

Underpinning the entire framework is industry competitiveness that is aligned with trade policy and trade negotiation positions.

Trade Negotiation Agenda
3 July 2014
Philippine offensive interests in new FTAs are focused on facilitating services, exports, and attracting Investments. In general, the Philippines is observing the following guidelines in pursuing its international trade policy: •  ...
3 July 2014
Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016